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ICAD has a long history of providing innovative automation solutions to manufacturing clients.

As technology continues to evolve, the opportunities to become more efficient, with tighter tolerances and reduced labor input continue to increase. With each year that passes, advancing technology allows industrial automation systems to be better able to provide safe, consistent results and increase profitability.

Automation for manufacturing industry in USA
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Solar panel manufacturer

Location: Hattiesburg MS
Scope: Design and build SCADA system to a solar panel manufacturing facility

iCAD designed and built a SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system to coordinate over 100 varied machine PLC's -- each controlling a separate machine that performs a specific task -- to facilitate automatic start/stop of each tool, remote announcement of alarms, and historization of individual operating parameters and alarms -- all from a single location!

Wood pelleting plant

Location: Bumpass, Virginia
Scope: Design and build control system for wood pellet production facility.

iCAD, subcontracted by Equipment Detail,, provided all controls integration of a new wood pelleting plant in Bumpass, VA. iCAD designed and engineered all electrical controls on the system, built all electrical panels, and supplied the Motor Control Center. Additionally, iCAD provided project management services to supervise the local electrical construction. When it was time to flip the switch, iCAD engineers were on hand to ensure effective operations.

Barrel sander

Location: Fresno, California
Scope: Designed and built control system for barrel sander mechanically designed and built by Veco Technologies.

iCAD, was subcontracted by Veco Technologies to provide the controls on a barrel sander that they were developing for a client’s process. Included Allen Bradley PLC and Kinetix servos.